Social Media More Beneficial Than Traditional Marketing- Jennae Blog Post 5


Social Media is very beneficial these days.  It allows to reach out to maximum people, targeted or client specific marketing, it’s versatile, and immediate communication.  Where as traditional marketing has limited audience, global marketing, it can’t be altered once it is published, and their is delayed communication.

Social Media is free. That is one of the best things about it.  It doesn’t cost anything to make a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.  It is all free and anyone with an email address and access to the internet can have any form of social media. The best thing about Social Media marketing compared to traditional marketing is that it costs nothing for businesses to set up social media accounts. The real cost to a business is the time and resources you need to put aside to create a social media policy and online reputation management strategy.

Social media allows one-on-one interactions.  Social Media marketing allows companies to have a dialogue with people important to their business in a way that few advertising and promotional tools can. The conversational nature and accessibility allows you to  connect with your customer’s one-on-one.  It also allows for you to respond to comments on posts and really be interactive.

Social Media marketing can help drive pre-qualified traffic to your website. People following your company social pages have already indicated they are interested in your company. You know that you already have these people’s interest.  Entice people to visit your website by posting updates on social networks of new product lines or run promotions.

Social media marketing allows flexibility with campaigns. With Social Media marketing you have the flexibility and adaptability to add or delete promotions or make changes to your campaigns via the networking sites at a moment’s notice with minimal set up time required.  When you put out a campaign via radio or TV it is hard to make any changes because it is out of your control.

Social media marketing allows you to be able to measure your results. You can evaluate Social Media campaigns through each network’s own analytic software such as Facebook Insights or via Google Analytics. You can see metrics such as how many people clicked on links or shared links with their community and what network refers the highest traffic to your site.  Offline campaigns can be harder to measure because there are no measurable results.


-Jennae Stodghill


One thought on “Social Media More Beneficial Than Traditional Marketing- Jennae Blog Post 5

  1. I love that social media are taken more seriously as industries are noticing that these platforms are getting so much traffic. Social media can be use for so many priorities, but I see that only certain businesses can benefit from these platforms IF they really know how to use them. As I have written on a blog about the use of Twitter before, social media can be effective if you don’t spam the followers with irrelevant and annoying shit. As a constant social media user myself, I feel like I’ve been victimized by horrible marketing tactics so often that I just unfollow or block anyone who does such a thing to me. I also noticed that smaller businesses or individually owned services tend to be really bad at marketing their service, because it is not their expertise to know about the communication strategies and tactics that are most effective. Large businesses like the film industry on the other hand are very good at what they do. They don’t attempt to market their big budget movies, because they can basically retweet or repost from actors of the films. They also ask questions, start conversations, and know how to not spam their followers with overly sexual messages (my experience)!

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