There is the American Dream then there is just Spoiled

Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest have all accentuated the American Dream. Pictures of wealthy individuals showing off their lavish lifestyles has created an unrealistic concept of success. If we don’t own 3 mega yachts, take private jets to school, or get a super car for our 16th birthday we are not successful. If we have this thought process there is about less than 1% that will actually reach this success. This concept also portrays a lifestyle that can not be sustained by the any normal individual and does not promote hard work to bring success to their lives.

People can be successfully but success isn’t always measured in how much money you make or how many toys you have to get you from point A to B. This young lady went to Yale and became a successful journalist in NYC. She gave it all up to move to the Caribbean to start a new lifestyle and she is loving. The typical american would question why. Why would you give up “success”? She didn’t see making a ton of money as her way of defining her success. Instead she defined her success by her personal happiness.


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