Things To Know About National Small Business Week. -Jennae Blog Post 6


Building up a small business is a lot of work.  Especially in a world when it is just easier to stop at a Target or a Walgreens or eat at a McDonalds.  This coming week is National Small Business Week and during this week it is known that people go out and spend their money at these stores instead to help people with their businesses.  It is not easy for small business’s to last and they really need the boost from local buyers.

Organized by the Small Business Administration, this is the 52nd year in a row that the president of the United States has declared one week per year the official celebration of the Main Street entrepreneur.

Through out the United States there are over 28 million small businesses.  With that many small businesses there needs to be support for them.

Every year the Small Business Administration picks one small business person of the year from every state that is nominated because of their determination.  The winners then get to attend an event at the White House!

This is a video of some high lights from last years (2014) small business week.

I think that promoting small business is great!  You can always count on being treated with great customer service when you enter a small business store.  They have a strong passion for what they are doing.  They put their heart and soul into their business so the last thing that they are going to do is treat you bad.  I enjoy hearing about what prompted them to start their business and where they want their business to go.  If you plan on doing some shopping next week, think about supporting your local small business!

-Jennae Stodghill


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