YouTube success story: Michelle Phan

I’m one of the people who loves watching different beauty YouTube channels. They are truly inspiring and interesting to me. I never thought of how much effort and time it takes to maintain a successful YouTube channel.

When first YouTubers, created their channels many of them did so to share their knowledge and idea of different topics.  As their channels and audience grew it gradually became attractive to the business owners. Businesses figure out how to use YouTube as their market platform. Now we can see that many YouTubers not only making their videos for fun but also gaining some profits of it.

Let me introduce you to one of most successful YouTube persona Michelle Phan.


Michelle started her channel in 2007 showing makeup tutorials.  She was one of the first adopters of the YouTube. Her channel became so popular over time that by now she has over 6 million subscribers, 1 billion views on her 300+ YouTube videos. She reached 100K view on her tenth video that was about smokey eyes.  Since back in 2007 there weren’t that many beauty gurus Michelle rapidly got popular.  Soon she was the top YouTube makeup guru, getting offers from different makeup companies. Now Michelle has her own makeup line EM cosmetics, she published a book where she shares her story, and she is a co-founder of (monthly makeup subscription). She keeps posting a YouTube videos of makeup, travel tips, vlogs and inspirational talks.

Here is Michelle’s interview where she shares her success story  


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