The Fight Of The Century

I’m am sure that most people are not fans of boxing or follow it with much detail. Boxing seems to have lost its popularity from my understanding to UFC and other professional sparing competitions. Today thought the world will stop and everyone should be watching the match between Mayweather and Pacquiao. Every social media outlet I have is covering this match or has something pertaining to the fight.

Let’s get to the figures that everyone wants to hear. Win or loose Mayweather will get $200 million (he says he is underpaid). He has one of the best reputations is American boxing history and has a record of 47-0! My boy Pacquiao has a record of 57-5-2 and has the chance to will $133 million.

To show how important this fight is not only to America but to the Philippines, I found an article that has said this: “Everything that has been documented about his popularity has not been exaggerated,” says Filipino sports writer JM Siasat to Mashable about Pacquiao’s effect on his home country of the Philippines. “When he fights, the crime rate literally goes to zero. In the southern part of The Philippines, the war between the rebels and the military stops. Sometimes they even watch together, that’s how big it is.”

Who are you rooting for?


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