Jenny V Blog 5: How To Blog After Class


Writing these blogs for the class has helped verify that blogging is something that I can do so now I just need a topic. I have always thought about getting into blogging but never felt like I could write anything unique enough to make me stand out. Out of the millions of blogs how do you create content that people want to read? This and many similar questions about blogging have been answered through our readings but I wanted to point out some internet resources as well to help make your future blogging experiences as successful as possible.

I like this link because it not only gives you some tips on how to pick a topic for blogging but it guides you through the rest of the blogging process. I like how it says to put yourself in the reader’s shoes and to know your audience because it relates to a lot of what we have learned in class.

I like this website as well because it talks about things I never would have thought of starting my first blog like if you use a free alternative for blogging you do not own the blog so it can be deleted by the person who owns the web property! Scary!

I hope these websites help clarify the process for your future blogging experiences and maybe we will run into each other’s blogs in the future!


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