Love Does Not Need Limitations

I have been following gay rights for a long time now and this topic has caused a lot of conflict in my family. Gay rights has been come a long way in the last 15 years. As of right now 37 states have passed legislation to allow same-sex marriage.

My oldest brother is named Bryan. He has been a huge inspiration in my life. My brother is gay and has a husband named Dan. They are both work normal jobs, one being a property manager and the other being a manager of a hotel chain. They are normal like everyone and deserve all of the benefits that we normal people enjoy. What makes those two “Not Normal” is the fact that they adopted three children. My brother and Dan decided to adopt my three younger cousins Kyleah, Micah, and Isaiah. They were about to be separated to different family from child services because their mother was having issues and living at a shelter with no hope in sight. They could not let a part of our family be separated so with their two room condo, they all moved in. It has been three difficult years since they have been together and the journey has been difficult because they are not entitled to the benefits of a married couple. I am confused why heroes are ineligible to receive benefits that everyone else can?


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