Love Should Be Love

Gay rights have taken a huge leap in the last decade. Since than 37 states has passed legislation to allow same-sex marriage and many allows allowing unions between same-sex marriage.

I grew up in a catholic family but had extended family that were gay. I myself am heterosexual and have a loving girlfriend. The love I share with my girlfriend is exactly the love I see between my cousin Diana and her wife Stacy. Coming from a catholic background gay marriage was a very frowned upon practice and condemned in most catholic dioceses. Growing up having people close to me being gay allowed me to understand that the love someone can share between a man and women can be equal between two people of the same gender. Within the last year I attended my cousin Stacy’s wedding where she legally marry her long partner Stacy. It was an incredible experience and if you could visible she the love they shared between one another you are clouded by society stereo type of gay marriage. Why should anyone be denied happiness?

As stated before growing up catholic gays were condemned  from being a part of the catholic community. That has all changed with the stance Pope Francis has taken with Gay Marriages. Although he doesn’t agree with gay marriage he states that the Catholic church should be Civil with same-sex unions. This was a huge step in the right direction for the Catholic church and society as a whole. If you against gay marriage that is your choice and no one can ever take that away from you but don’t be judgmental over people’s happiness. To be an informed human being is being consciously aware of both sides of the story.


One thought on “Love Should Be Love

  1. I am quite happy that some members of the Catholic Church are now supporting gay marriage. Although there are still some hardcore Catholics that would not except the union, those are only the leaders that are really voicing their opinions about their dislike. In this article, “Overwhelming 85% Of Young American Catholics Support Gays And Lesbian, Pew Report” (, younger Catholics are accepting gay marriage more than the older generations. This just shows that this is a movement that would soon be more accepted when younger generations take over. Another example is this, “Gay Teacher Fired After Posting Marriage Announcement On Facebook” ( Young people, particularly those who grew up within a diverse society are more accepting of change and equity.

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