The Benefits Of Twerking!

So most of you may not know that I love to twerk. I’m kidding, I actually cannot dance or twerk believe it or not. My interest is in physical fitness and I have been currently been trying new workouts to see if they have any truth to the claims. I follow my own workout routine and replace cardio with one of the new styles I come across. I have tried P90x, Crossfit, and MMA orientated circuit and all seem to produce noticeable results. I have just found the new fitness craze called the Vixen Workout that is a 60 minute high-intensity cardio class. This new class was started by Miami Heat dancer Janet Jones in Miami. They have since added 11 other locations in Florida and New York.

Janet jones had this to say to describe the experience:

“The whole experience is supposed to be like you’re part of a performance,” says Jones. That includes everything from live-in-concert hip-hop tracks to stage lighting. She even encourages the women to dress up in something that makes them feel sexy—like wedge sneakers and lipstick. (Bonus: The wedge sneakers make your legs work even harder during squats, says Jones.)

I think I am going to have to try this one.


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