There is always two sides to the story

When we see any news articles written about public events we sometimes fail to consider how the story could be flawed or swayed to the stance the news organization wants. Images can also be wildly misinterpreted and blow up over social media with this misinterpreted message or image. This happened while the Baltimore riots were going on. Images were constantly being sent over twitter, Facebook and  Instagram about what was going on during the riots. The blog I will examine is located here.

This article started out with the police officers side of view. Stating that it was the protesters who started the riot and police were using force to protect the city. The riots here are in relation to Freddie Gray, an African-American male who died while in police custody. Freddie’s death also started the Baltimore riots. When writing the blog there were very up to date tweets about the defensive actions that the police were taking to control the riot. This added a great insight into what was going on. The blogger also provided tweets showing civilians protecting monuments and cleaning up the mess the rioters made. Overall, the writer did a good job of being an objective writer and providing the facts of the story but seemed to sway a towards the Seattle Police Department.


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