A Good Candidate for We First

While I was waiting for the light to cross E 7th St last Thursday night on my way to class I had a pleasant surprise. It was raining and cold so I had my hood covering my head. I looked to my right and noticed a young student with an umbrella. She kind of glanced sideways at me and then she moved over and raised her umbrella to share it with me.

I was taken by surprise by this kind act. She explained that she did not like to get wet so she figured that I did not either. We talked as we stood there and when the light turned green we walked across together and over to the school entrance. I have a good feeling about this young ladies future. I am sure she will be one of the next generation of We First business professionals.


2 thoughts on “A Good Candidate for We First

  1. Awesome, great assumption – That was me! (totally kidding) Infact, I was walking with an umbrella not too long ago and didn’t even hold it over my friends’ head. Well, I may not be an innovative leader in the We First professionals, but once I learn something or see things like this, I internalize and promote such fabulousity – I consider myself a supporter of the business professionals that have a solid ‘We First’ vision.

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