My habitual reading has lead me to some intriguing authors. An all time favorite of mine, Stephan Covey, wrote The Speed of Trust and 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I first found Covey when I was 14; far to young be reading self help books, but I’m weird, get over it. Anyways, the main thing I took away from Dr. Covey was his ‘Circle of Control’. This suggest we focus on the things we have control over and work past the things we can’t. My constant yammering at my family when they were sweating the little things went something like this… “Circle of control Mom, circle of control.” or “What would Covey do Dad?”. Now, my brother pushes my buttons, at first sign of my anger, he tells me… circle of control Abs! HA, it’s become an running joke, but at the core of the joke is a great message.

Covey is full of wonderful insight. His books have left me full of new concepts and budding knowledge. I have utilized Covey’s body of work to write many papers. This leads me to my point for sharing Dr. Stephan Covey with you. Covey is a well know successful business man and a very credible source to school papers and self learning. I added a small clip of Covey below. Give it a watch.


3 thoughts on “COVEY COVEY COVEY

  1. I’m definitely going to have to look into these books! The thing I love most about your post Abbey, is that I could hear your voice actually saying the words. To me that is what makes blogs more interesting to read!

    1. Thanks. The way I write is very informal, which can get me in trouble in a lot of cases, but it might go over well in blogging. Who knows, I may have found my new niche. However, I found grammatical errors the second I posted it. 😦 You live you learn I guess.

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