Bringing Life to Student Campus

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Hello there Public (classmates and instructor),

I have the opportunity to work in the Student Life office at the University I attend, and it is astounding to learn through my job the resources our college offeres! But, the bummer is that I had to hold a job on the campus to learn about all of these opportunities that the college offers.

Every event and Organization all congregate on OrgSync, what in the world is OrgSync you ask??? Well, your not alone, most of the students here at metrostate dont know what OrgSync is or even that we have over 40 student clubs and organizations that are distributed huge amounts of money every year from a fee called, ‘the student life fee’ in your tuition, and that students in all of these clubs are trying to spend these monies in the most beneficial way for students that would be helped by their club or org mission statement. There are so many different orgs and groups! It is logical to assume there is something for everyone, and if you dont find something that applies directly to you and will help you during your college experience, and post experience, there is a simple and guided process to start your own club! Check it out!

For example, did you know the importance of out of classroom experience in leadership and involvement is during the application time into the career field? MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVEN A 4.0 GPA!!

Do yourself a favor and look into your schools volunteer and events for students to enjoy! The money that goes towards the support of student success is big money- It is important that it actually helps the students, and the only way to do this is to get the resources and opportunities to the students and to show students how important it really is to participate, as well as learn all of the good things that can come of this besides your resume focus- beyond that and into your personal growth and life betterment!


Molly Winters

University Activities Board Educational and Leadership Chair

Student Activities Fee Allocation Committee PR Chair


2 thoughts on “Bringing Life to Student Campus

  1. Molly – good post, though I would like to see more explanation of the importance of real-life experience – you mention it with such gusto, but then do not expand or give details – tell or show your audience WHY it’s more important than a 4.0. : )

  2. Being this is in last class, I have really focuses on more involvement, networking, and taking advantage of some of the perks of being a student of Metro State. I have been more involved than usual and and enjoyed the benefits that have come out of it.

    It would have been nice to have more examples; when I clicked on the link to learn more, I had to sign in to org sync which I couldn’t remember my password, so I couldn’t obtain the list. So, it would have been nice to see some more in your blog.

    While at my internship, if an individual put their GPA on their resume, they were automatically disregarded for the job. Because their thought was if they have a degree, then they must have done good in school. I thought that was interesting.

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