Cesar’s Bio

Cesar Millan crossed the border from Mexico into California in December of 1990 at the age of 21. He lived on the streets of San Diego where he got a job as a dog groomer. He gained a reputation of having a calming effect of dogs and eventually started a freelance dog rehabilitation service.

Cesar mainly deals with extreme cases of all sizes. His all time favorite breed is the Pit Bull which has an bad reputation due to being mistreated by people and used as fighting dogs. He has a huge love for this breed and has the natural ability to bring the best out in any breed.

Cesar’s training is based on having a balanced dog. This means giving them the things that they need which Are:

  • Exercise
  • Discipline
  • Affection

You also have to establish yourself as Pack Leader as such mastering the dog walk is important. We also need to see dogs as animal, species, breed and then  name. You need to let a dog be a dog not a human. If  you use all of these techniques you and your dog will have a successful relationship. I have attached a link to Cesar’s official web site where you can find out more about him and learn to live life with your dog “Cesar’s Way”


One thought on “Cesar’sWay

  1. I love Cesar and his show dog whisper. He used his passion and applied techniques to help problem dogs. His passion and values for dogs go far beyond any human could have for a dog. I have seen where he has trained a dog and released the dog back to it’s owners and ended up taking the dog for his own because the owner just could manage what it takes. He is serious about what he does and whats to help others understand to care for their dog.

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