Has Technology Made Us Human Again?

Man and Robot arm westle
Robots and technology overtaking the Human World.

Simon Mainwaring, has commented several times that technology has made us human again. I have conflicting messages with this statement. I agree that, with the help of technology, society has been able to work collectively in satisfying their needs, voicing their opinion, and participate in the world around them.  But we were also making/breaking these changes without the assistance of technology.  In Washington Post’s blog, they share some of the ways how the web has changed us; some good and some bad. Although, technology has done a lot of good for our society; I don’t agree that it has made us more human.  Because of technology, we are constantly interrupted everywhere we go – meetings, sleeping, driving, eating, visiting, etc. – thus affecting our behavior and adding more stress. CNN notes how technology has made us more vulnerable in terrorism, hacked accounts, cyber bullying, loss of economic employment, increase in divorces, etc. Marc Goodman, speaker on TED.com, talks about his fears in technology and visions of crimes in our future.  I feel technology has taken us in the opposite direction of human connectivity and further away from basic human interaction and conversation. My kids have problems talking with people face-to-face because they’ve forgotten how to socialize in real life. I don’t know about you, but I miss the days where WE came together for the greater good of society the human way!


3 thoughts on “Has Technology Made Us Human Again?

  1. I completely agree Celena…..while progressing technology has its advantages, the basic, raw human communication and interaction has been lost in our world today. And that is very concerning to me.

    Well worded blog post Celena & great dialogue as well.

  2. I am also afraid that technology has limited the very meaning of human interaction , although it does other good things.

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