Evolving Beyond Money

Rachel Botsman does an awesome job telling us about Reputation, which expands us to how collaborative consumption works. This is definitely a great culture to form which can expand the the mistrust and disbelieves humans have about one another while still practicing safety . Sharing definitely builds trust and belonging in a world where trust has become less and less with time. I truly would like to see more of this kind communities existing and developing . The internet is helping us find ways to expend if we want such as finding airbnb on the web which is  where people can find  places to stay on the price they can manage. In order to have a safe and positive world we need more humans connecting in ways that cares for humanity and the earth. Sharing would contribute to less harm for the earth and more gain for society. I would definitely like to live in a community where people share ideas, skills, goods etc that contributes to the well-being of communities and the earth we reside. Yes ,this sounds like dreaming, but just like consumers are waking up to the misconducts of  businesses we are also capable of expanding the ideas of collaborative consumption in our communities.


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