Animal Cruelty Sucks

We're awesome. Respect us.
We’re awesome. Respect us.

Animals are awesome. Sometimes I like animals more than I like people. I am that person that doesn’t care who dies in a movie as long as the dog lives. See first sentence. That is why it is so heartbreaking when I see stories about animal cruelty. My sadness usually gets overtaken by lots of anger when they then show the poor (bleeped) excuse of a human who has abused the animal(s), because it always feels like their punishment does not match the crime. For instance, I’m sure most of you heard about the case here in Minnesota in which Anthony Sather filmed himself brutally torturing and killing his girlfriend’s dog, Draco. He FILMED IT! You would think that would be an open and shut case where he had to rot in prison for being a worthless piece of crap. However, he was also facing some drug charges and ended up agreeing to a plea deal that called for one year in jail. Because of the amount of time he has already served, he will only end up serving an additional 3 and half more months in jail. In a Kare 11 story, animal activist Michelle Schumack stated, “Three months for the life of that dog, and what that dog experienced, is a slap in the face.” She is absolutely right. And her and I aren’t alone in that opinion. Which is why there is a Facebook page called Justice for Draco, which rallies together people committed to spreading the idea that animals’ lives are important too. Not only is there social media support for this issue, but also outside the courthouse, there were lots of supporters of Draco and his owner and they wanted to see Sather get what he deserved. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like he will. I know “eye for an eye” isn’t the best way to handle things, but when I think of what these sick people do to innocent and defenseless animals, maybe a taste of their own medicine would teach them a thing or two. But since that is unlikely, you can help to change the current laws about animal cruelty to truly punish those involved. If you want to get involved, try writing to your legislators, donate money to charitable organizations committed to helping animals, volunteer your time, and speak up if you see someone abusing animals!


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