Donuts Anyone?

American’s find any excuse to get together and celebrate a cause; it was on Friday, June 5,

Picture of donuts
Go ahead and Eat ONE!

that some celebrated National Donut Day!  While attending Joyful Noise concert, the highlight of the night’s performance, Matthew West, threw donuts out to the crowd.  I thought how fun is that and thought I’d investigate and dig deeper into this history.  Let me share with you some of the things I have learned about National Donut Day.

National Donut Day has been going on for 78th years.  This idea was initiated on the battlefields of France during WWI.  Salvation Army workers served coffee and donuts to soldiers in the trenches.  It was such a big hit, it’s become a day that is commemorated.  Salvation Army kicked off this idea during the great depression as a fundraiser to bring awareness to its social service programs and last year, 30 million Americans received assistance from the Salvation Army.

Doctors lecture us about these types of food intake; therefore, associating donuts as a bad/junk food item, high in calories and sugar, and increase in obesity.  But Krispy Kreme is demonstrating otherwise and revealed 12 shocking foods that have more sugar content than its donut.  You know that healthy naked pomegranate blueberry juice with no sugar added equals three Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  That Yoplait yogurt equals 2 ½ donuts.  That Starbucks Frappuccino equals six donuts.

While we often tease cops about eating donuts; I think I found my new Friday “break” food item and I won’t feel guilty about it!   I won’t be missing National Donut Day ever again.  Thank Goodness Dunkin’ Donuts is opening in Minnesota.  Who’s with me?


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