Class size over time was just a given. In high school you went to your class, participated, did your work and went home. College was the same thing. I had elective/ gen ed. courses with 500 + students in them, then went to my core classes and had the same 27 students in each class. Though, the class size effected my classroom behavior and participation, it all just seemed point moot. Until, I became a preschool teacher. Things changed rapidly for me. My student teacher ratio was 10:1, that is 10 four year olds to 1 me! To make matters worse, you add 1  teacher  into the room and now you have 20 four year olds in a room with 2 teachers. To sum up my problem, this ratio is not conductive to a good learning environment.


Though I am no longer teaching, I am a life-long learner. As I continue to study, I’ve noted the classrooms most conductive to my learning are of the smaller, connected nature. Class size and student teacher ratio matter. This issue is world wide and touches everyone from preschool students through higher education students, parents, families and teachers.

A levy was pushed to be passes in 2012 raising the ratio between student’s and teacher for all early education. I was outraged that anyone could think this was the answer to helping budget cuts. Thankfully that levy did not pass and the ratio’s stayed the same, but unfortunately the same is not good enough. We need to lower classroom size and decrease student teacher ratio.

This issue has been around for decades, with decades of research. The following link is a great starting point for research gathered.

It’s not enough to send your student to class and think they’ll get the attention/ education they need. Be an advocate for those who can’t vote for themselves or be an advocate for your own education. Educate yourself on the issue at hand. Stop! Think to yourself. DOES THIS AFFECT YOU? I’d be hard pressed to find one person this doesn’t affect.



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