The Last Post: Boxers Are The Best (Yes, they are.)

I’ve only ever had two dogs in my life. The first, I got when I was 8 and he was a Bichon Frise (that I loved dearly). The second is the dog my husband and I got together two months after we got married. His name is Bow (like bow and arrow, because my husband hunts with that. Yes, it’s super cool, I know.) We had done quite a bit of research on boxers, and to be honest at first I

Bow with his baby (also a boxer).
Bow with his baby (also a boxer).

really didn’t want one. I was used to a 20-pound dog that I could carry if I chose to, not something that would grow to be 70 (ish) pounds. But we know some other people with boxers and they couldn’t say enough wonderful things about them (constantly). Finally, I gave in. We brought Bow home at 8 weeks, and while he can sometimes be the most annoying thing in the entire world, he is also the funniest, sweetest, and cutest dog ever (that isn’t personal bias, just a fact, google it.)

Bow always has energy, which is great (except when it isn’t), so we are constantly running, chasing, wrestling, eating grass and throwing up (Bow, not me), and trying to climb trees to get squirrels (unsuccessfully, thank goodness). But there is a softer side to my adorable (again, fact) dog. He loves to cuddle, and sure, I can’t always breathe when he decides the best place for cuddling is on top of me, but he’s so sweet it’s worth the blackout. He is also a wonderful protector that regularly eats spiders and flies that get into the house (I know

Always on the lookout.
Always on the lookout.

gross, but so helpful, because I hate them), and barks whenever someone steps within 200 feet of our yard. He’s always up for an adventure, loves car rides, kissing people, cheese, scary movies, and the harmonica (he has diverse tastes). So basically, what I am saying is that your life would be way better with a boxer. Check them out (you might as well do it now, since you’re already here, and the link is right there).

Bow is the best. Also, if you enjoy life and laughing, you

Don't even pretend this isn't cute.
Don’t even pretend this isn’t cute.

should check this out. And this. You’re welcome.


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