We live in a world… a world where questioning information is instinct, no matter what the source. We develop our own understanding of the information at hand, and pick it apart… but for what? Interest? Truth? Meaning? Coping?  In all honesty, questioning the credibility of everything may be to your benefit, but when you build up your understanding of the situation and display it for all… are you perpetuating the cycle? {seriously… we all think we’re right, but we’re not. I mean this blogCONSPIRICY, may not be the least bit accurate, but I believe it is, so I intend to share it with you.}


Our skepticism has been brought to a whole new level. CONSPIRACY THEORIES! They have been around a long time, but more recently we question everything to a level that, not only is the information we are given accurate, but it is given to manipulate us. It’s there to keep us in check, or scare us, or for many other reasons {really who even knows, most conspiracy theorist are on crack, LITERALLY <- question this information, it may be very inaccurate.} The point of this is, are we really to believe all the events, information and stuff put in front of us? Or are we to question it and display our questions or theories? If we share our own personal thoughts or conspiracy theories are we perpetuating this? WHAT ARE WE TO BELIEVE? BETTER YET… WHO ARE WE TO BELIEVE?


Most of us know the tragedy that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School December 14th, 2012. Sandy Hook Fully Exposed followed shortly after, taking “truther” videos to a whole new level. This video caused questions in many millions of minds. The video took apart “inconsistencies” from the tragedy and turned it into a conspiracy {if you ask me, that in and of itself is downright WRONG. People are living their worst nightmare and you are here to say they’re lying?} Needless to say, 8.6 million people watched it within 1 week… myself included. The video led many to believe this shooting was a hoax. However, experts {if we can really believe that} debunked the video, breaking it down to lies. PURE LIES!


I guess the point I am trying to make is that truth and credibility are in the eye of the beholder. I could make the claim that neither the fully exposed video nor the debunked versions were the correct side of the story. I could make the claim that the truth of the story is left to all those who experienced it, because we all experienced it differently. We each have our own truth. We each have our own understanding. And we each have our own ways to find credibility. Take this for what you will; my own truth is that this and many other conspiracies are a complete load of BULL.


2 thoughts on “IT’S A CONSPIRACY

  1. “I could make the claim that the truth of the story is left to all those who experienced it, because we all experienced it differently. We each have our own truth. We each have our own understanding.” I agree with this statement completely. I strongly believe that the “baggage” and experiences we carry with us provides a filter for how we view new experiences and make decisions. I think we can “find credibility” based on this alone and the challenge is to look further than yourself to gain new perspective. In my opinion, people often stop too soon. They accept the CNN story as truth or they accept the conspiracy theory as truth. We want to know everything and we want the “truth”, but the reality is that we can’t experience everything first hand, so its becomes a decision of who’s “truth” do we want to accept. Like your post suggested, we have to remember that what we read is other people’s “truth” as they present it based on their filters and motivations. I say motivations because that also should be considered. While conspiracy theories might seem out there, they can provide another perspective and with more perspectives you can come to your own conclusion. Don’t get me wrong, some are just out there and add no value, but I have seen grains of truth and things that make sense too.

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