Brewing Beer


I know that there are those of us out there who love beer! Some love it because they drink it, while others love it because they can express their creativity in making it. Before anyone says that you can’t have that kind of an attachment to beer, let’s dig into brewing beer.

Check out this video on Store Bough Beer vs. Home Brew

I have recently (two days ago) acquired a beer brewing kit from Midwest Supplies: Home Brewing & Winemaking. This wonderful place has been practically in my back yard for over 5 years and I had no idea. I got this kit because I love the different types of beer. It seems as though there is a beer out there for any mood, situation, season, and activity. For someone like me it is one of the most awesome things about it and I want to see what it’s like to brew my own and create my own flavors.


I have been daydreaming about brewing my first batch of beer between my school and work activities for the last two day. This morning, I turned on CBS news and I hear that people actually major in beer. Colorado State University is one of several universities that offer a beer major called Fermentation Science and Technology. Now, before some of you freak out (or get excited) about how ridiculous this sounds, consider this: students have to take coursework in biochemistry, microbiology, physics, and organic chemistry. Wow! Who said beer making was easy? Not me.

The reality is that beer has a market that has never been this strong. More and more people appreciate craft beer and are willing to pay for a beer that is carefully crafted. What the future looks like for all the graduates with brewing degrees is, I don’t know. But they are studying something they love and you have to respect that!



2 thoughts on “Brewing Beer

  1. Hi Roman, We have a friend named Dan Chang who has business in beer brewing I believe it is a successful business here and if anyone loves the idea of brewing beer they can make it. especially now we care more about locally made and small businesses .

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