This Sh#t Blows Balls!!!!


After witnessing “The yes man” bring the Bohpal disaster and the horrible situation that is going on here, I have decided that these scrubbing bubbles you see here, are a purchase you will make that will contribute to the success of the un-deserving. I like to put my money where other peoples in needs mouths are- 

A couple alternative options are shown on this scholarly article by Earthlings Handbook this year, all of these products are available now! Take advantage!

If you choose to look into this bull shit, take a look at The Halliburton´s survivaball – YouTube to learn more about another pile of bull shit to become aware of so that you can lean, and discern right from wrong.

4 thoughts on “This Sh#t Blows Balls!!!!

  1. Hey, I’m glad I clicked through to investigate your pingback, because based on the title I thought this was some random robot blog trying to attract traffic by throwing eye-catching links onto other sites–but no, you are justifiably angry about the chemical horrors that are marketed as safe cleaning products for our homes! Me too. Although my mention of Scrubbing Bubbles was brief and relatively mild, I am really peeved that throughout my elementary and teenage years I was handed this Dow Chemical product (from the makers of Agent Orange!!) to scrub the family bathtub every week, bare-handed, crouching barefoot in the runoff, breathing the fumes…. I don’t blame my parents; this shit was AND STILL IS sold as a normal thing to use in your home.

    Thanks for linking!

  2. WOW!! Oh my goodness, this is astounding of you to comment, Thank You!!
    Yes- talking about growing up with this! The only way i would do my chore growing up (which, was the bathroom) would be that we had the scrubbing bubbles- Im upset about the contents of these horrifiying chemicals but in my blog I was also attacking where these chemicals are coming from! Very Scary, and thank you so much-

  3. This was definitely an eye opening opportunity; I am proud to say that I was never a fan of this product and haven’t invested in years; but I did realized there was more behind the brand! When well companies learn. Thanks for your passion.

  4. Hi Molly , I have used these before ,and glad finding information changes where we take our money to. We are using natural cleaning products in our home now ,but still it makes me feel like even though they are supposed to be natural i should pay more attention about them too. You just never know

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