BAC Lowers in Minnesota

Minnesota’s DWI laws are changing. The penalty for a gross misdemeanor has changed from BAC of .20 to a BAC of .16, this is going to put a lot of people in handcuffs.  Fox 9 news claims that 1 out of 7 people in Minnesota have had a DWI and that number is only going to increase because of this change. If someone is charged with a gross misdemeanor they can lose their license or end up in jail for over a year.

If you are ever out having some drinks and need a ride. I added a link to a really good sober cab company called Uber. I have used this app before and its super easy and affordable. You just create an account and give them the address you are at. The app will even show a picture of the person picking you up and the car that they will arrive in so you know what to look for. Plan and sober cab and don’t be this guy! (This video is funny but not funny)…..


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