CrossFit Bad For You? I Think Not!

I came across a blog in the Huffington post about how bad CrossFit is and why people shouldn’t do it and it kind of pissed me off. From personal experience I love CrossFit I go to Allegiance Fitness and it has changed me life! I have always gone to the normal gyms such as Lifetime and Gold’s Gym and don’t get me wrong those gyms are great but the people and atmosphere at my gym is incredible.  I feel like everyone is family and will help each other out if they need it. I ended up getting a personal trainer who was well educated in nutrition and fitness and he has helped me get past my plateau of weight loss and I have lost 3% body fat with him so far.

I disagree with the blog Why I Don’t Do CrossFit by Erin Simmons. She had one bad experience at a CrossFit gym and completely bashes it because of it. It seems as though she didn’t like the style of training, but honestly CrossFit is not for everyone. CrossFit is usually mistaken, most people think that it is all HIIT workouts (high intensity) but its not. I CrossFit and my workout plan consists of one HIIT workout a week, I mostly lift.

Erin Simmons says that CrossFit is dangerous my reaction to that is any kind of workout can be dangerous if you are not educated on how to use the proper form. She uses quotes from WebMD to prove a point that CrossFit is dangerous but I find the quotes comical one says, “no one should perform workouts when they are fatigue”, doesn’t that defeat the purpose, obviously if you are tired and cannot continue a workout you can stop, that is for any workout it shouldn’t be targeted to Crossfitters only. The point of some of the HIIT workouts is to do as much as you can, it doesn’t mean you have to finish every set, they just push you. She also states that trainers at CrossFit gyms can get a license within a weekend. My personal trainer has his degree in Kinesiology and sports nutrition along with a lot of required certifications needed for the job. In my opinion I think this blogger just had a bad experience at a CrossFit gym and is now taking it out on this style of workout. CrossFit is super fun and I would recommend anyone to try it! CrossFit is just a different way of working out but that doesn’t mean it is a bad way to workout.


2 thoughts on “CrossFit Bad For You? I Think Not!

  1. After getting into Boxing training, I learned that Cross Fit can mean a huge variety of things, but in order to be considered a cross fit gym- it doesnt take much. i think people/gyms/business have just taken advantage of this ‘new’ workout term and this can cause people to stop believing as well.

  2. I am planning to go to the one in White Bear Lake where some of my friends are going and they love it. I’m glad no one will spoil the fact i want to see it for myself , thanks for sharing your positive experience with Cross Fit. Where do you go by the way?

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