Huntress Academy Reality TV Show! Watch Me!! Build Allies and Partners!!

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As a student in my senior year of the Individualized Baccalaureate Program at Metropolitan State University my current Social Media Class is asking us to build a platform out of answering questions for our audience that will help them, so that when our audience is ready to make a purchase or take an action, we are easily the closest click away from their purchase/action point.

Insert a call to action here ====> on every page, on every landing page for every important relative term that our reality show is attempting to grasp.

Who is my audience?

Why is my sponsors different from who our target researched audience.

I’ve learned about the Myth, that Communication is the same as the medium, well this is applicable to my TV show allies and partners search, all of the cast is given the opportunity to go out and sell to sponsors and recruit loyal audience! The show is not enough to convince sponsors to take the ‘leap’ or viewers to commit. I certainly have to be careful and well researched when venturing out to make the pitches to potential sponsors for the Reality TV Show, Huntress Academy.

My pitch to these potential partners, needs to be as specific as possible and backed by data and information they want regarding the target viewership of the TV show… I had little understanding of how to do this until now because I can use Scott’s different marketing and PR strategies listed in his book on exactly how to do it!

I’m good at providing information, Im good at ‘thinking’/using the language of the people I am working with to research the terms (Like Scott suggested) they will use when looking for the Huntress Academies’ Online Presence, but ‘closing the sale’ is not my strength, but lucky for me! The Brunette of our team is! So once I have researched what will work best for each potential sponsor’s persona that I have put together, I pitch it and send them to Priscilla (our Brunette)!


IF you are interested in becoming a sponsor to have your brand worn or presented on the show, follow the link here to meet Jose, our production & brand manager, contact him and learn about the different levels of sponsorship available!! Thank you for your interest, make it a great day!


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