Does receiving aid always help?

I believe in this quote because of my experience living in Africa.

I lived in Africa and until I was 16 years old and remember pretty much how life went down. First, not everyone is starving on the streets or walking without shoes.

While I lived there how we survived was through my parents having a small business and how we achieved that in the middle of a country under civil war was our uncles sending us money here and there. But the main part of us being able to live was the business we had.

So why does me sharing this with you matter?

It matters because if we relied on aid camps that brought things from other countries in the world to feed us or sustain us we would fall under circumstance that no one wants to be in. For example waiting in long lines just to eat etc.

There are reasons why continuing to send aid to Africa does not work. I personally would not say never give but i believe in giving for reasons like building, providing education, providing tools etc so one does not have to keep depending on.

One: if people do not have the tools or resources needed they will never get ahead and will always rely on aid

second: aid is corruption the people who are in charge of it benefit from it most than the people who really need it

So why keep giving aid and what is going to happen when we no longer can give aid?

That scares me and that is why I believe giving aid to achieve a long term goal  is far more important than just keep giving aid.

Here are some links that have connections relating to Aid in Africa. There is a lady named Dambisa Moyo from Zambian who wrote a book about this, not everyone would agree everything she, says but it makes pretty a lot sense.


One thought on “Does receiving aid always help?

  1. Thank you for sharing Girl! This helps me have more understanding and insight to learn more since I definitely had learning blocks in the way before I knew a lot of this common sense information about the area. I especially liked the short movie, Africa doesn’t want your used tshirts.

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