Re-learning how to walk in the woods. Its about equality, GENDER EQUALITY :)

finding yourself

Feel comfortable ladies! Its okay to like to get your hands dirty 🙂

Being Cast to be a character in the upcoming reality TV show, Huntress Academy (please ‘like’ and share 😉 ) has brought to light a huge struggle I dealt with when I was starting out in school as a child…

When you are out there in the woods hunting, it is no place for gender, it is no place for ‘sexualizing’, it is no place for sales- when you are out there, you are doing the same things the men are doing, you are making the same moves and enjoying the same sport. Hunting in the woods is between you and your sport, no one else is there and no one else should have an influence on how you feel about yourself out there.

~loose quote from; The First Lady of SCI

here’s my story;

When I was a young girl, I enjoyed getting down and dirty and working hard or going into the woods and building something like forts and fires. When I started getting a little older, my friends would ask where I got my bruises, when they would share how they got their ‘one’ bruise, I would incomprehensibley answer…” WHAT? how do you know how, where or when you got a bruise? I have no idea where I got mine?”

At the point of jr. High School I started to listen to the girls and trying to act like them, I started trying to not get bruises which required I quit playing so roughly. Then I started to learn what ‘acting like a girl’ meant, this did not include wearing ‘outside’ clothes and carrying building tools into the woods to put together a fort in a tree somewhere. So, I started trying to play without getting dirty or hurt, woah! How boring at first it was, but as I got better at it I got more and more popular and likable at school. I learned from other girls that girls should be scared of bugs and snakes, girls should be scared of walking in the woods and on rough terrain. hmmmmm…

So, the more I pretended to be grossed out by bugs and walking on rough terrain like branches and through uncharted territory, I thought; the more boys paid attention to me and liked me. Well, I don’t know how to sum this up as of yet but getting my story out is a great start- now I can analyze it and investigate, ask around and learn from some of these boys what was going on here.

But for now, Im learning how to walk in the woods all over again and re-establishing a connection with wild life.


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