Ways a Husband MIGHT GET Respect from His Wife

In a nutshell, this article on familyshare.com provides women with the 7 ways men need respect from his wife.  The article has nearly 45,000 views and the website has a religious undertone, in fact the author is a Pastor.

Pastor Dave Willis says “This is not a comprehensive list, and all of these may not all apply to every marriage, but I’m strongly convinced these seven principles hold true for the vast majority of men.”  He says wives should live within financial means.  He recognizes that men aren’t usually the sole breadwinner, but they have a “deep desire to be a provider”.  In my opinion women shouldn’t have to stroke the ego of their husbands.  I make more than my partner and I live within my means and he probably doesn’t feel like a provider (financially).

This closely relates to #3 She Builds Him Up With Her Words.

A wife’s words have the power to shape her husband. A wife shows respect to her husband both by how she speaks to him and by how she speaks about him. In both public and private, a wife’s words can build up or tear down her husband. She’s affirming, not sarcastic. She’s warm, not cold. She’s his biggest encourager, not his biggest critic.

I’ve known women like this and I’ve never had respect for them. So by doing what this author says to show husbands respect, the wives lose respect themselves. I think humans need critics in order to grow. If no one challenges us how can we become something better? And what better of a person to challenge you then your partner? I completely disagree with this author and the advice being provided.


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