Blog Post 1: Short (or How to Write in the Digital Age)

One of the basic skills we in this class use is writing. There are a lot of ways to write, however, and different styles are better for different mediums. Take right now, for example, this introductory text that’s as boring as your dog sleeping on your shoes for the seventeenth straight morning in a row. And it just goes on and on.

There are two simple solutions: make it emotional, typically funny and comedic to write, or make it brief. Short, simple, and to the point is the best way to convey concise information, yet even then it’s more than just writing down information.

Jennifer Miller talks about how to write short, with some special focus on Shakespeare. The leading and ending words of a sentence should be the most important. It emphasizes your message and meaning with a good narrative flow, and leaves a brief pause at the period to let the point sink home.

It’s entirely possible to write engaging tweets, but they’re not something you just sit down and kick out.

– Shawn


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