Blog Post 2: Multiplayer Gaming, Internet Comments, and the Age of Wrong

Recently while playing Splatoon, I ended up frustrated. I don’t normally get frustrated, and generally speaking, I enjoy playing Splatoon even when I’m losing.

Splatoon is an interesting game because it is a multiplayer shooter that does not include a voice chat feature, despite the Wii U having the capability to support it. The game’s developer talked about the negative experience he’d had in prior online games and the negative experience he had thanks to the included voice chat.¬†always agreed with the decision, because I never wanted to hear those kinds of players in the first place, and didn’t want the bother of having to mute them when they reared their ugly heads.

I had no idea I might actually be one of them.

Oh, it’s not as bad as I make it out to be, I wasn’t cursing out loud, but at the same time I don’t remember the last time I had been that upset. A single game isn’t bad, but if you play enough losses in a row, it is entirely possible to find yourself near the end of your rope. I was glad I couldn’t even act on the temptation, because I very well may have.

It’s not limited to voice though, nor is it limited to gaming. Comment sections the internet wide can be filled with this type of behavior, but instead of being driven by frustration and competitiveness, it’s driven by a disagreement in ideas, especially Youtube. Some of them are internet trolls, granted, but the better question is why do people have such emotional responses to a challenge of opinion and cognitive dissonance?

I think it has to do with the massive exposure to alternate ideas online while simultaneously being able to narrow your newsfeed to never needing any viewpoints other than what you already have, which cements a person’s opinions. I couldn’t possibly be wrong on this, either.

No, never. Not at all.

– Shawn


One thought on “Blog Post 2: Multiplayer Gaming, Internet Comments, and the Age of Wrong

  1. I definitely see your point here. Although I completely agree with the fact that we are causing global warming, I’m very frustrated that there seems to be no real plan of action even over the course of the 30 or so years that this has become a mainstream issue. Gets old hearing the same BS for sure.

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