Blog Post 5: Fear the Fear-mongerers

When President Roosevelt spoke about fear, fear was prevalent in the time right after the attack on Pearl Harbor and the sinking of the battleships of the US Pacific fleet. It was of confidence that we would win, and that we had no reason to be afraid.

Today’s politicians are much more capitalistic on that fear.

Be it Global Warming or Global Terror, there’s always something to worry about. Never mind the greater preventable deaths in the US by auto or by disease, but of issues far further out in the sphere of influence Washington wishes to participate in and dominate. It is much the same as the previous Roosevelt, Teddy, when he went to the average US citizen to help force his policies through congress. Yet today, these tactics are much more self serving of the DC and global elite. After a recent outing of the incompetencies of the TSA, it has been said the the operations of the TSA serve as a deterrence to terrorism more than actual security.

Cat’s out of the bag, the only people the TSA is getting in the way of is us. Delightful. Yet, how frequently have planes out of US airports actually run into real terrorists since 9/11?

– Shawn


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