HST nailed it

Writing is the best job ever

Getting paid to write is the American dream, writing, simply writing words for people to read, to ingest, and to contort into their own viewpoints. In my opinion it’s the best job this world has to offer, whether it be writing through a journalistic stance; blogging, newspapers, magazines, etc. Or creative writing such as novels, poetry, short stories, and so on, but with each and every platform the writer is offered a freedom that is otherwise arduously and rarely ever achieved. To many people writing can seem like a chore or a hassle and I have found myself there plenty a time, but I enjoy it, yes it can be difficult to create the initial inertia needed, but that is the same as with all things in life. And to me writing is very much therapeutic, it allows me to formulate my thoughts in a manner that I would otherwise not see and it pushes me to create (or at least try to create) a well-written, sagacious, rational thought.

The lifestyle of a writer/journalist has always peaked my interest. The idea of being paid to write something people will actually read and interpret for themselves excites me. The idea of being given or finding my own story to tell invokes a creativity in me I struggle to find anywhere else in life, and creativity is what drives a writer, even if I am only expelling straight fact, it’s my job to construct it in such a way the reader finds it gripping and enthralling, but without trying to be to pretentious, profound, and bias. The ability to be a voice, even if just a small one, stimulates me. It is through writing that I find I can truly be myself and express myself even if I may be wrong, it allows me reflection then, and a chance to grow through written word and hard evidence as to who I was, who I am, and who I want to be.

Writers tend to have a correlation with being a little strange; to put it nicely but it is because of that variable that I think I have always found myself drawn towards writing and writers. The process of all these bizarre individuals putting their thoughts into form and people reading the substance and taking it to heart, one way of another intrigued me growing up and continues through today and I see no such impediment in its future course. Writers are weird, let’s be honest, but it’s because of that peculiarness that they are themselves and with their own individual voice, which is very hard to find in today’s world.

Freedom, its why writers write in my estimation, the freedom from all confines when pen is put to paper, and its through writing that meaning can be found. Being paid to write is my goal, the dream of not having a 9 to 5, screw 9 to 5’s, and screw regular jobs, what the hell does a regular job do besides create another regular person. The dream, whether it’s real or not, is to write for a morning newspaper, to be able to write late in the day and finish my work at night. It excites me in such a way, it frightens me to talk about as if I speak to loud the dream will flutter away, but it’s a great dream. My dream, to write, to be paid little, but have little worries, to have freedom to go where I want and write what I want.


One thought on “HST nailed it

  1. Thank you for sharing your passion, when i was in high school writing was the best thing i enjoyed. I was new to learning English so that even fascinated. At that time one of my teacher’s recommended i join this place https://www.loft.org/ but I never did. I’m not sure what happened after high school because after being in college writing became like a chore. I am hoping to get back to that mood again. It is something moving about writing inspiring stories or telling great stories in writing for sure.

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