tabacco is aimed at kids but alcohol is not… Really???


I don’t watch TV often, but when I do, it’s sitting with my sister’s family watching sports center, not by choice 🙂
As I was watching the other day, every 4th commercial was some sort of anti-smoking commercial, most were about the flavorful child appealing tobacco company products that are ‘tricking’ kids into smoking. The commercials were very scary, and very harsh. Many had the deadly side effects cigarettes can cause in the long term, as the final closing image you take from the commercial.
This is all good and logical, its serious- If this advertising tactic works, Im grateful less people smoke. (Especially around me since I am addicted as a social smoker.)

But! while I am watching the sports re-plays at a high school/ college level, I see advertisements everywhere- even on the playing field, for alcohol advertisements. Tasty, Flavourful & Cool!
For example: Kinky, completely advertised with sex as its main strawberry liquor, are lining the baseball outfield???

Question? Im grateful this tobacco initiative is going strong and on, but it seems a little lop-sided.

Flavored Tobacco Products Appeal to Youth

How Alcohol Ads Target Kids – LiveScience

By chance… are there political feuds against the tobacco companies that could explain such a tunnel vision focus? … if the public is choosing to attack and deal with Americas tobacco industry’s negative advertising to kids… WHY are we not dealing with the alcohol advertisements aimed at kids? It seems to me, to be just as big and dangerous of an issue than tobacco?

What would be the next step? Comment, write or share any links you think might help me get to the bottom of this 🙂
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One thought on “tabacco is aimed at kids but alcohol is not… Really???

  1. Molly, I’m glad we are urging young kids to not smoke at least, but yes we do need to do something about alcohol too. If i find any campaign that works for kids and against alcohol i will join and also let you know. My daughter’s elementary school did something in school where an officer came in and talk to them about alcohol and drugs. After they learned couple weeks they gave the kids certificates. I think that helps but more should be done.

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