Is Technology Making Us Distant?

cell phoneNowadays, everywhere you go you will constantly find someone on their phone—either texting, going on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, emailing, or Twitter. I admit sometimes I’m guilty of it too especially when I’m alone and to prevent that awkwardness I will touch my phone, so it doesn’t look like I’m a loner when I’m in a crowded area. Now when I go out and even at home, conversations no longer exists.

Picture this scenario: my son on his iPad playing another game of Minecraft, my husband watching Netflix, and me on the computer browsing through YouTube videos or doing homework for my online classes. Sound familiar? We, as consumers, have all been exposed to the newest technological advances that sometimes we get so sucked in that we forget what’s real. Back in the 90’s before the internet and Facebook, I can carry on conversations with my friends and family. Here in the present, I let my cell phone do all the talking.

Sometimes it’s not all bad though. I get the latest updates of what’s happening around the world and my super handy app that tells me the weather forecast when I plan an event. But sometimes we all have to wonder what hours on the phone and watching TV could potentially do to our health in the long run. There’s always a limit to everything. Studies have shown that exposure to artificial light from your TV screen or cell phone causes stress or even sleep disorders. Refer to the article below for further details.

Heavy Technology Use Linked to Fatigue, Stress and Depression in Young Adults

Some tips you can do that I’m currently doing to limit your time on your cell phone and TV can be as simple as the steps below:

  • At the dinner table and while eating out, turn off all cell phones and other distractions like the TV. First person to touch it gets to pay the tab or clean up after everyone’s done eating.
  • Instead of touching your phone in public, read a good book.
  • Find some time for absolute silence and do breathing exercises or go outside and enjoy nature.
  • Turn off your cell phone throughout the day and check your messages or email at the end of the day. (This only works if you’re not waiting for an important phone call.)

I hope these tips will help and if you keep at it, you will feel amazing and more stress-free. I know I have.

Below I have found an awesome video that explains exactly what technology is doing to us. I hope you found it as entertaining as I have. Enjoy!


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