Bacon Grease


Not long ago, I was scrolling through the internet and stumbled upon an article that caught my eye. “Top 10 Reasons Bacon Is Actually HEALTHY For You!” I laughed at the ridiculous thought of bacon being nutritionally valuable, but I decided to read on.

The Beef

The article is filled with biased language, misleading information, and facts that are simply not true. Not surprisingly, the author of the article is a bacon fanatic and the creator of “Bacon Freak Bacon is Meat Candy Bacon Club.” His words not mine. The article was posted on bacontoday.

Grease and Fat

The article begins by stating that bacon has protein that is valuable for us. It also claims that bacon can help prevent heart disease and diabetes.

Bacon is actually low in protein for the amount of fat that you receive per slice. It is also high in sodium nitrates and cholesterol, which clogs our arteries and can cause heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

The article also goes on to brag that bacon has less fat and cholesterol than chicken. It follows this up by pointing out the various vitamins packed inside of bacon.

What the author fails to mention is the serving size that he is referring to. Yes, one slice of bacon has less cholesterol and fat than a full chicken breast. However, if an equal serving size is compared, then chicken is much healthier. In fact, chicken is the leanest meat there is. Also, a slice of bacon has next to no vitamins. The facts the author gives might be true if one were to consume multiple packs of bacon at once. The thought of that is disgusting.

Sizzling Processed Death

The fact is, the World Health Organization produced an analysis of scientific studies for cancer risks. In this study, there were five possible levels with level five being the highest. Bacon is categorized as the third highest level five risk. The two things above it were smoking and alcohol. Processed red meat was named number three. This includes: bacon, hot dogs, and lean cuts of red meat (beef and steak).

Bacon is anything but good for us. It is a fatty, processed, and greasy product. If anyone would like a healthier solution, they should turn to Canadian bacon. Still high in sodium, Canadian bacon has much less fat and more protein than regular bacon.


The final verdict: bacon is best enjoyed in small quantities or not at all. Despite what bacontoday would like us to believe, bacon is not healthy.

By Daniel McNamara


3 thoughts on “Bacon Grease

  1. It’s a shame that bacon isn’t healthier- it’s so delicious, but regular consumption obviously isn’t a good idea, health wise. Those WHO announcements are blowing peoples minds. Well done!

  2. Wow, when I read the title of this I was almost happy that bacon is actually good for us because I have a picky 4-year old that doesn’t want anything besides sausage and bacon. I have to feed him multivitamins every day because of this reason. I read the title and immediately I thought this is ridiculous. Bacon cannot actually be good for us, is it because of all the saturated fat, calories, and sodium. And who eats one piece of bacon anyways? Lol….not unless you’re one of those people who don’t eat pork. I do love bacon but only on a moderate level.

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