How Bloggers Can Use Instagram

It’s no secret that I am an advocate of Instagram. For those of you who are not familiar with this social media platform,  Instagram is simply a photo blog. And I do believe that bloggers are able to create a successful Instagram to generate ideas, develop their brand, and drive traffic.

One of my favorite things about using Instagram is that you can enhance or develop your brand. Yes, it’s easy to just post a photo, but, you have to really understand how to grab someone’s attention with this photo, especially if you want want more followers. This is where your creative side comes into play, you can use different filters or photo editing apps, such as, Vsco Cam, After Light, etc.  to enhance your photos for a better representation.


Another great way to start getting followers is by doing give aways. People love getting free stuff. For example, if you own a small jewelry shop, post up a meme with rules the audience have to follow in order to be eligible to win the give away item(s).  Usually, it would say to follow and share the photo. This is one of the fastest way to generate your business.

But as a blogger, another great way to build your brand is by reaching out to Instagram famous bloggers. If you can network your way to them, that’s a big plus on your end. They can recommend your blog to their audience which will boost up traffic on your blog site.

Don’t forget the little things, such as, using hashtags to develop your brand. Also, don’t be afraid to incorporate your personality on your Instagram. You will get more followers if your personality shines through, more people will be interested in reading your content.

One of the most famous blogger I’ve come across is Song of Style, with over 1 million followers on Instagram, her blog became successful because of simply three things, commitment, stability, and her driven creative content.

Link to her blog:

I hope that this information will help you better utilize Instagram for growing business. And the next time someone asks you how bloggers can use Instagram, I hope you’ll point them in the direction of this blog post!


3 thoughts on “How Bloggers Can Use Instagram

  1. Wow, thanks for this article. I actually found it really helpful especially for someone like me who is starting new on Instagram. I’m also trying to get more followers because of my love for beauty and makeup tutorials. Like you mentioned, hashtags are a great way to get your content out there. When I post a photo on Instagram without the hashtags, I don’t really get a lot of Likes but if I include a hashtag I find that I can reach a bigger audience. That is such a useful tool.

    1. I also want to mention that Instagram played a part in how I got my current job. When I was job searching, I came across an employment ad that a business I followed on Instagram had posted. I had never been to the business, but I followed them because of their amazing photos and creative way of thinking. I ended up getting the job, which I may have never considered if not for Instagram!

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