The Fight for $15 an Hour

flipping burgersA while back there was a hot debate of protestors at McDonald’s fighting for a minimum wage of $15 an hour. I was appalled by this action. They blocked streets and traffic all because of this?! Obviously when you accepted the job position, you are informed of the pay and salary. Once you’ve accepted this, it’s too late to change it. That’s the whole point of a contract or all of those hiring paperwork you fill out at orientation and SIGNED it because you agree with the terms and conditions. If you did not like the pay, find something else. Simple as that.

Now how hard is it to flip a burger or take someone’s order? (Granted, fast food workers don’t get enough credit especially when they’re a lifesaver to the many Americans and people out there who wants something easy and on the run without getting out of their cars.) Teenagers in high school can do this and might I mention without a degree! Now don’t get me wrong. I feel for those workers who graduated from college and are still stuck at their fast food jobs. There might be multiple reasons why they’re still there and one might never know until they ask. Flipping burgers and taking someone’s order doesn’t require a lot of brain power or expertise (as far as I know). Sure, maybe how many burgers you can grill might count if you want to make it all about quantity verses quality but aiming for $15 an hour is just ridiculous. This is the reason why fast food places are labeled more of a “starter” job and not necessarily a career unless you want to make it one.

I’ve never in my life have gotten paid that much. The jobs I’ve done in the past actually require some sort of “skills.” For example, I needed to know how to type 40+ words a minute and you would be surprised by how many people in the world cannot type this fast. It also requires you to know your way around Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Excel. This is where the whole idea of getting a higher education and/or training comes in. As I mentioned before there might be multiple reasons why fast food workers don’t go and get that education if they desire a higher wage: Strict schedules, babysitting issues, scared of racking up student loans, or just plain laziness. Now I get it…Education is not for everyone. My husband is in the same boat but he’s not complaining about his wages just because he knows there are better paying jobs out there and nothing is holding him back from getting one. There are plenty of jobs in the market but finding the one you want is not easy. But like the saying goes, “Beggars cannot be choosers.”


Now the other side of the argument is that paramedics don’t even get paid that much AND they save lives for a living! Protestors are complaining that minimum wage is not enough to live off from. Now I can agree with that, but at the same time there are plenty of government help out there (i.e. food stamps, WIC, financial aid, Section 8, etc.) geared towards low income families. Do we see a lot of programs out there for “high income” people? No, of course not. So the next time people are complaining that minimum wage is not enough to live off from, do yourself a favor and seek help from these many programs that are there to assist you but don’t expect them to pay all of your bills when you’re not even willing to help yourself off your feet.


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One thought on “The Fight for $15 an Hour

  1. When workers who make less than $15 fight among themselves, it gives employers more leverage to squeeze more work out of everyone for lower pay.

    FYI, I felt that working at a pizza place was much harder than my temp job pushing paper for a large corporation (which paid twice as much — as a temp!).

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