Leggings Showing Off “Assets?”


Fashion as we know over the years have evolved and always constantly changing but there’s one controversial topic floating around schools about teenagers and leggings. The debate is whether they should or should not be banned from schools because they can be distracting to others. Now if you are new to the fashion world in today’s era, leggings are tight-fitting stretch pants designed for women or girls. Here’s an article about a school that has already adopted this policy to ban leggings, yoga pants, and jeggings (denim leggings).

A lot of people are commenting that leggings are not pants and shouldn’t be worn by itself at all. They’re more of a pantyhose type of deal where something has to cover it. Now for me, I love leggings and I think they’re actually quite cute and super comfortable compared to jeans since I’m super short and it’s extremely hard for me to find a good fitting pair of jeans without tailoring. Leggings, on the other hand, are super stretchy and they’re more of a one size fits all. Some girls feel comfortable wearing leggings with shirts that do not cover their behind while others need to wear a longer shirt to cover. I am still an avid believer of modesty, so I fall into the latter category. Now I’m not saying that I’m against girls who have the confidence to pull off leggings without covering their behinds. Growing up in high school and middle school, my schools were against everything from chewing gum to wearing flip-flops, tank tops, and everything that showed too much shoulder, cleavage, or leg. We should be used to all these rules by now although some can be quite absurd.

My solution to this problem is that the school should enforce a strict uniforms only dress code OR girls can wear leggings only if their behinds are covered if they’re going to ban girls from expressing themselves through their choice of fashion. Nothing in this article suggests that boys are restricted from a dress code (or at least we don’t see it in the news as often) so it tells me that our society is still quite narrow-minded and sexist. We need to adopt a different belief that men and women are equals and both parties should be treated with the same respect so why not worry about something like that verses what we wear?


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2 thoughts on “Leggings Showing Off “Assets?”

  1. Most of these dress codes are profoundly stupid. Thanks to alphabetical seating, I often sat right behind Christina C., whose mere existence was a distraction for me even if she was wearing a parka. Yet I got over it and graduated on time with honors.

    A dress code based on eliminating anything teenage boys finds distracting would be a pretty thick book.

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