Think Twice Before Going to the Nail Salon


Most recently I had a discussion with my classmates about my first and last time doing my nails at a nail salon. I mentioned how the manicurist almost cut off the tip of my finger because she was rushing to get everything done and wasn’t really paying attention. By the time my French tips were done, my cuticles were bleeding, and so I’ve had this mentality ever since that maybe all manicures and pedicures were this painful at the salon. Besides that, the price tag on manicures and pedicures are ridiculous! Twenty dollars for what I got and the price only goes up from there to about $100 or more. No thanks. I’d rather learn to do it myself. Suffice to say, I never went back to a nail salon after that horrid experience.

On top of that, it’s a good thing I don’t go to nail salons anymore since I’ve been seeing all these horror stories floating around social media about how unsanitary nail salons are if they don’t disinfect their tools and follow procedures the right way. Now I’m not saying that all of them do not sanitize their stuff but a lot of times, workers take shortcuts to reduce cost and time. I even read in the news that a lady got her leg amputated after a pedicure because the infection was so bad she sued the nail salon for thousands of dollars. Talk about scary. Here’s a short video to shed some light on what you believe to be a pampering experience when really it’s not if you don’t take these precautions.

Another fact that my friend told me while she’s at cosmetology school is that nail filers at nail salons have been tested for HIV positive. I’m not even surprised by this. Just think about it. Would you share your toothbrush, razor, or personal items that you use on your body with someone else when they could potentially lead to bacteria and infection? Definitely not.

So the next time you think about getting a pedicure or a manicure, watch and make sure if the worker at the nail salon is disinfecting all the tools they’re using on you and if you don’t know, have them reassure you by watching them clean it while explaining what they’re doing. It might be too much to ask but better be safe than sorry.

Happy manicuring!


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