No ads?

huluI spend most of my free time on Netflix and Hulu, and I was so excited when Hulu decided to come out with an ads free version.

Needless to say, I jumped on that opportunity right away.

The next time I went to watch ONCE Upon A Time I was unpleasantness surprised to find out that I still had to watch an ad before and after the show.

That wasn’t the only problem either.

When I tried to watch a show that didn’t have any “hidden ads” connected to it, the video player would glitch and freeze.

Most of the time refreshing the page would take care of the problem, but sometimes, the page was adamant about not being played.

If any of you are thinking about trying out the ads free version, I would highly recommend waiting until they got all the kinks out.


One thought on “No ads?

  1. I recently signed up for the Hulu ad-free option. This option works great for me! I think the majority of programming does not have ads. There are some instances where ads have to be placed on the program due to programming contracts.

    I like the this option because streamed shows tend to play the same commercials too much. These commercials tend to become “broken records” after a while. I also like how ad-less programming is faster to watch. This leaves more time to do other things since I don’t have to program a DVR or fast forward through commercials. Hulu with the ad-free option is another good reason to “cut the cord.”

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