Whose Your Super Store?


More and more lately I’ve been finding that Target and Walmart are basically the store.

You walk into the store and the first thing that greets you is produce. Remember when only grocery stores and co-oops had food?

They both have clothes, electronics, home goods, and even their own eateries! Some stores even have their own doctors offices!

So please, What is the difference between these two shops?


One thought on “Whose Your Super Store?

  1. The literal answer to your (possibly rhetorical) question is that Target has a better community relations department, which among other things has the deal where they earmark one percent of your spending to a local charity. Target also has employees who look a little less depressed. In short, Target is a little less ruthless than Walmart, and a lot better at branding.

    Aside from that, all big box has the same impact on communities. Both Target and Walmart have made life harder for local co-ops and grocery stores by taking away market share. And unlike the smaller, truly local stores they are displacing, instead of helping the local economy, big box revenues instead go to corporate offices and shareholders.

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