Fox News Pushing Its Own Agenda

I would not consider myself conservative, nor would I consider myself a person who dislikes people who are conservative. I try to stay open-minded and consider the validity in opinions that differ from my own. With that said, Fox News usually rubs me the wrong way for the hateful and blatant way that they perpetuate bias in the media. As a “respected” news organization, they should take responsibility for the information that they report since others expect them to report factual information. That is not what always happens at Fox News though. Facts are oftentimes ignored or skewed in order to make a point that pushes their own agenda forward. Such is the case with the article, “Texas driver says his legal gun led to his arrest.”

Fox News is well known for their support of the second amendment. Any mention of the need for gun control makes their heads spin. It’s not surprising then, that they did some shoddy reporting on this incident and focused only on the potential that a man was targeted for having a legal conceal and carry permit. Their focus was so narrow, that they didn’t do a thorough job of gathering the facts. A man was pulled over for failing to signal, informed the police officer that he was carrying a legal firearm (as required by law), and he was then arrested for “traffic violations.”  Fox News alleges that he was targeted because he was exercising his second amendment. I vote that they didn’t pay attention to the other facts in the story at all before jumping to that conclusion.

My first bone to pick is the fact that the police officer is never named. Why isn’t this information important? Does the officer have a history of issues with people carrying legal guns? Did you even look into it before reporting this theory as if it were fact? I’m gonna guess no. A major news outlet didn’t even bother to find information about the officer. I find that lazy and unprofessional.

Second pet peeve, there is absolutely ZERO attempt to find clarification about why Alonzo Gonzalez was actually arrested. What does “traffic violations” mean Fox News? Did you even ask? Or did you want to brush over the real reason cited for his arrest because it had nothing to do with him possessing a gun?

I also find it odd that the article briefly reports that an internal investigation determined that proper procedure was followed in this incident. It is followed by a statement that the officer resigned, with no further information. Seems a bit odd to not look into that a little deeper.

This entire news article is based upon Gonzalez’s belief that he was targeted because he is a gun owner. It is presented as factual, but there is absolutely no evidence that would support this claim. Or at least there isn’t enough evidence and not all angles of the situation were explored to rule out other factors. Of course, why would they conduct a thorough investigation when what they really wanted was to enrage other legal gun owners to push their own agenda? Once again, your bias is clear in your “reporting.” Well played Fox News.



2 thoughts on “Fox News Pushing Its Own Agenda

  1. I agree completely. Fox News, indeed all the major cable television news outlets do an awful job when it comes to bias. In the world of TV news, ratings trump journalistic ethics. Have you seen the documentary “Outfoxed” by Brave New Films ( It’s a good look at Fox and their shoddy ethics.

    It’s also interesting to look at statistics regarding Fox and their viewers understanding of the world. For instance, this 2003 study found Fox viewers to be the most misinformed group among new media consumers regarding the war in Iraq

    1. I have not seen that. Fascinating so far, I will finish watching it. Scary to think how much reach and influence that one person can obtain.

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