First time blogger

What topic should i write about? Is my idea worth publishing? Would people read it? its not working? Maybe i’ll try next week.

The blinking cursor 

It’s scary,  coming up with new content and presenting it to the world. It can be intimidating questioning how people are going to judge your words. Is your content sound? Will it be accepted, or will it create controversial response?

This kind of thinking always suppresses our ideas and throws them into the back of the list. It’s terrifying, because it suffocates creativeness. This is why we’re always left gazing at computer screens knowing we are suppose to write something, but unable to decide on exactly what to write. Here are some ideas when the canvas is blank.

Train your brain.

The important thing about creativity is that you can’t foresee it. When an idea strikes, takes notes and keep it saved. Doing this will save you time later and it will give you a significant list to work from – even when you’re not in an inspirational mood.

Check what is trending on the internet.

In order to write good content which many people will read about,you have to know in advance what people are reading or searching in the internet.

  • you worldwide trends and what people are tweeting about
  • Google Trends-tells you recent searches online

If you see couple of topics that are trending in these cites explore them farther. .

Ask a friend. 

it is challenging to come up with interesting contend.Your brain gets tired so ask a friend or interview them. research your topic and pick your co-workers brain.

people always have ideas and ways to write a blog, the hardest part is trusting your thoughts and publishing it.With any luck the ideas in this post can help a first time blogger .






2 thoughts on “First time blogger

  1. Hibo!

    I can’t explain how much this blog relates to me. Obviously I am a first time blogger like yourself, but I have the same type of blocks when it comes to creativity. On my first blog, I probably starred at the computer for a good 10 minutes. I didn’t know what to write. Those tips you give were spot on as well. I had to confer with a friend to see if my content was actually following the guidelines of the assignment. Great post!


    1. Thanks Mickey, it took me months to actually admit it to myself and stop asking people to give me the go a head on my own ideas.

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