What does a Terrorist even look like?

Trending this week is yet another controversial Donald Trump statement. On Monday December 7th Donald Trump called for the “total and complete shut down of Muslims in the United States.” Temporarily of course, Trump isn’t a complete monster. Trump even mentioned having Muslim friends who supported his idea of closing off our borders. I find that hard to believe but i’m sure it’s hard for a billionaire like Trump  not to buy “friends” who will agree with me.

Trump wants to keep out the “bad guys” and in his world the bad guys are Muslims. What Trump fails to do is think critically about his statement. So I guess I’ve got to do it for him.

The world isn’t split up into good guys and Muslims

Trump and his supporters want to feel safe. That is totally understandable, who wouldn’t want to feel comfortable? But what they don’t seem to understand is danger is literally around every corner. In America you are more likely to die in a car accident than a terrorist attack. You are more likely to die from a medical condition than by the hands of a Muslim extremist. It is simply illogical to bar an entire group of people out of a country because you are afraid of what MIGHT happen, when statistically only a handful of the religion (or should  I say those who claim to be that religion) are actual terrorists. Statistics are against you on this one.

Can you spot a Muslim in a crowd?

I am going to go with probably not. Muslims, like all groups of people, are not all the same. They are different races and ethnicity, follow different rules, and believe different things. How many different sect of Christianity exist? Far more than one. So it would be a waste of time to even try to screen for a religion. People could lie, study up on a new religion, or even just recite passages from the Quran and pass, a lot of people don’t know the difference between Islam and Christianity. For real, check it out here : The Holy Quran Experiment . The screening process would just end up being a racist side show, producing no real results.

The problem is not Muslims, it is terrorism

Isis is not Islam, extremists are not true Muslims, and every religion has its own set of extremists. Banning the people of an entire religion makes not a lick of sense. By banning all Muslims, including traveling Muslim Americans, we create an enemy where one did not exist before. We must fight against terrorism but with compassion for those who will get caught in the cross fire. You wouldn’t let the KKK speak on your behalf as a White Christian (at least I hope you wouldn’t, if you would, well, maybe you shouldn’t be reading this) so don’t let Muslim extremist like ISIS tarnish your views on Muslims.

What ever happened to freedom of religion? That’s still one of our basic rights here, right? I should have just lead with that. It’s anti American and unconstitutional. Sorry Donald Trump, this idea is just bad.


One thought on “What does a Terrorist even look like?

  1. I appreciate you JanyOJack for writing about this topic. The word Terrorism is not defined or used accurately. CNN and FOX uses the world such Islam or Terrorism to sell cheap media. Since they have nothing interesting to show, they play a situation and by making the entire religion get rating. I think the biggest think people can do before judging is to understand what you do not know. If you do not know the true meaning of a word such as terrorist, or the word Islam, or what it stands for before react in a hate towards your understand from, these rating hungry cheap “BREAKING NEWS” media outlet, we lost. understand by picking up a dictionary or a hold book of Qura’an to understand it messages. Hate wins! Plus most of those “experts” on these media have no bases, or expertise.

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