Adderall: safe or dangerous?

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Have you seen “Limitless” starring Bradley Cooper?  The movie is based on a drug that enhances every aspect of your brain.  There is a drug similar to that in our real world.  It’s called adderall.  Adderall is an amphetamine based drug that affects your nervous system.  Amphetamine is the same base that can be found in the hardcore drug known as meth.

Adderall, admittedly, does not have the same effect as meth.   It is used by many students and other professionals in the workforce.   The drug helps you focus for extended periods of time.  Without losing your train of thought, you can get a lot of things accomplished in a relatively short amount of time.


Sounds like the perfect drug right? Wrong.

There are side effects like all drugs.  While you are wired up and focused, it is almost impossible to sleep.  The increased activity in your brain doesn’t allow your mind to wind down and fall asleep.  Not only can you not sleep, you can’t eat either.  People who have taken adderall reported losing appetites and not eating anything.  Here is an exchange of multiple people, who take adderall, talking and comparing experiences.

doctorI used to take adderall.   My friend was prescribed the drug and he gave me one.     I liked it so much that I wanted more, but my friend said to get my own prescription.  I thought to myself, “That’s impossible”.  It was surprisingly easy to get a prescription.   I just went to the doctor and said I had trouble focusing.  Boom, I was prescribed.  How is that right?

As time went on, I started to feel the side effects of the drug.  Luckily I realized this and stopped refilling my prescription.  If you have seen “Limitless”, you know the drug is actually very toxic to the body and ended up killing people.  Adderall isn’t toxic, but there are two very unhealthy aspects about it.  Eating and sleeping are both essential things humans must do to live.  Over a period of time, they can be deadly.


Should adderall be a legal drug?

This issue has gone under the radar.  The government did initial tests on the drug and deemed it safe.  The drug hasn’t been time tested and the long term side effects are unknown.  This drug has good perks and bad side effects.  In my opinion, the drug should be illegal.  Everyone has to make their own choice on the issue, but before you do, you should educate yourself on the drug.  If you need help, here is a great resource to get you started.


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