Why You Should Travel Solo?


Traveling alone can unearth unique experiences that are otherwise unattainable when navigating the wants and needs of a group. In the past couple of years, I’ve been traveling throughout the US alone and the one main reason why I travel solo is because of how liberating it makes me feel. Listed below are some good reasons why you should take on this opportunity to explore alone.

  1. You Never Know Who You’re Going To Meet 

I’ve met so many amazing people throughout my years of traveling solo, from musicians to professional athletes. It’s incredible who you’ll bump into on your random spontaneous trips. Don’t be afraid to push yourself to meet new friends, new experiences, and new adventures. This could lead to many new open doors with the networking/connection you’ve created.

2. Eating Alone is Easy 

Alone does not mean lonely. My favorite part of traveling has got to be uncovering better places to eat. Before I travel to a different city, I quickly do some research on some of the best local food spots to try. As this is a big part of the whole experience. It’s really not that scary to eat alone!

3. You become more accommodating in life

I often find myself to be more calm about situations that doesn’t go as planned when traveling. Itineraries are only there to give you a broad picture of what you can do on you trip, they don’t decide what and how you should gauge the most out of this experience. This is what you learn on your trip. There will be times where your flight will get delayed or you missed the bus. In situations like this, you make an opportunity out of it to explore.

As a solo traveler, don’t be afraid  to explore what’s out there. Discover yourself, step out of your comfort zone, try new things, learn how to adapt to a new environment. Just be ready for it.

How does it feel to travel alone?


3 thoughts on “Why You Should Travel Solo?

  1. People ALWAYS think it’s weird that I don’t mind eating alone. Honestly most times I prefer it. They act like I have the plague or something. “How can you go to a RESTAURANT by yourself?” I don’t have to consult anyone. Whatever I’m hungry for, whenever I’m hungry for it I just go. And I can stay for as long or as short as I feel like it. So why not??? It’s great. Traveling alone is next on my agenda. That I haven’t done yet but I know I’ll love that too.

  2. When I was in a Charlottesville coffee shop during the university’s orientation week, two women, incoming students, mistook me for their new adviser. They peppered me with questions about their potential majors and life goals for about an hour before we figured it out (and scuttled my delusions of my own magnetism). But it was fun, glorious randomness, and most likely would not have happened if I had been with a group.

  3. I like the idea of traveling solo. It can you chance to to be free and do what you want. I have watched some travel shows about people traveling alone through Europe. They had the chance to random things like going to local events and vising small towns off the beaten path. I feel this kind of travel would be refreshing and good time to reflect on life and what is important. We here in the U.S. it’s all about work work work! We need to travel more.

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