Living by Rhetoric

This blog is something I struggled with, how do you analyze a human being whose pitting people against each other for political gain. I am not putting my two cents in, one thing I know is that no Muslim out there is going to sacrifice their freedom and lively hood for a terrorist. Every country from Nigeria, Somalia, Egypt and all the surrounding areas are suffering because of people with hateful ideologies.

So feel free to attack an ideology and not people from all walks of life for a mere gain on polls. Hate begets hate, do you think being offensive and bizarre would bring Americas together?

This vicious cycle is not going to end if we play into the hands of Terrorist, all they want is to turn Americans against each other. My hope is, as Americans, we can fight terrorists as one in whatever face they choose.


One thought on “Living by Rhetoric

  1. I think a problem Americans have is thinking that they are the only ones being affected by terrorism. Terrorism isn’t an American problem, it is a world problem that the world needs to try and fix together. Which is why playing the blame game would be so detrimental to this country, we would make more enemies rather than try to fight a common one together with our brothers and sisters around the globe.

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