Self-Care 101

In honor of mental health week I am touching on the surface of a topic very near and dear to my heart: Self-Care. Self-care is exactly what it sounds like, taking a step back from life and doing something for you. It is important to make sure that you make time to recharge and replenish to avoid burn out which has an effect on physical and mental health.


Say No

It is okay to say no every once and a while. Some of us are people pleasers who just want to help everyone ALL.THE. TIME. And some of us suffer from really bad FOMO (Fear of missing out) but sometimes you have got to let go. Stop double booking your self or even stay home all together. Taking on to much is stressful and it is okay to let people know you have got to much going on right now.


Be alone

Solitude gives our brains time to catch up. There is a lot happening in the world so stop for a while to process it. Take an extra long shower, plan a night in to write, or go get pampered. What ever you decide to do, do it alone. It is okay to tell your loved ones to leave you alone for a while. Just not to long, frequent isolation could be a sign of depression.


Do something you love

Some of us are always in the wind, going where ever everyone else wants to go, doing what everyone else wants to do. It is fun, you love just being with people, but make sure you get your say in too. Plan ahead of time so your loved ones know this is the thing you really want to do. You’ll have something to look forward too and it’ll be stress free.


Take a break from social media

Media can get pretty negative sometimes and it is totally healthy to just go AWOL some times. Turn off the computer, log out of Facebook, and forget about the worries of the world if only for a day or too. This helps you stay grounded and not get bogged down with the problems of others.



Food has such a huge impact on my mood. I know I am not getting enough of something if my mood is off. Drink more water, eat more fruits and veggies, even if they happen to be on a pizza. Your body doesn’t want to be cranky so give it the good stuff it craves. When you eat, slow down too. Enjoy the flavors, the experience, and your body will thank you with positivity.


When in doubt about what to do for self-care… SLEEP. A lot of us just don’t get enough quality sleep. Optimal sleep is between 6-8 hours but largely depends on the individual. Try to get a sleep routine down so that you have some form of self-care everyday.


2 thoughts on “Self-Care 101

  1. This is a good blog to read, especially for me right now. I am officially at the point of being burnt out. So much going on in my life and so much to do, but not enough time. I will be using some of these tips here very soon!

  2. Thanks for this blog! I definitely have become so busy with my life that sometimes I only get 4 hours a sleep every night. I also feel like social media plays a huge role in my life… from the moment I wake up to when I fall back asleep. I really need to learn how to just step away from my device for a minute and take some time to myself to relax. This blog was great to read especially in the stage that I’m in right now. 🙂

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