Social Media and its Effects

Social media has changed the ways we interact in our daily lives. From having the ability to connect in various different ways, that our ancestor26letters-superjumbo didn’t have the opportunity too. Some people say that social media has made positive impact on how we communicate. Yet, others claim social media has impacted a lot of people in a negative way and also that the old classic ways of communicate has been lost.

For me personally I lean towards social media not being a great asset to us. Even though social media has made a huge impact in the ways we communicate and how we get our news all over the world with a single click; and also being able to share your work or meet people from all over the world. Yet, with all of this great accomplishment it still leaves a lot of people depressed and having them losing out on the opportunity to have meaningful conversation.

There are a lot of people who suffer from depression of not having meaningful conversation that actually matter. We are spending so much time and energy investing into friendships in the virtual worlds of social media that, are real life relationships take a hit. There are a lot of people who would go out to dinner or family gatherings, instead of enjoying the moment, they are too busy on their phones trying to connect with the virtual world. This is something that not only myself, but a lot of people have an issues with, by telling people to get off their phone.

There are a lot of people who are also getting “cyber bullied” and also trolls who basically don’t have much going in their life but, trolling other people’s social media post, and post hurtful comments. With the ability to hide behind their computers, they can basically be anyone and say anything they want without worrying about being found out. This is a serious issues that a lot of us face and an issue that leads to some people committing suicide.

Overall. Social media is great tool that helps connect people from all over the world in so many different ways. There are many great benefit of being able to meet new people and being able to stay in touch with people from your childhood or former school mate. Yet, aside from that there are many numerous negative effects it has on all of us. I leave this blog with this question. Has social media been a good influence on you and your families and friends life, or a negative one?





2 thoughts on “Social Media and its Effects

  1. Social media has benefited me in many ways. I can keep in touch with my family and friends overseas in an instant where before I had to buy expensive calling cards. Now we can Skype, send photos instantly, videos. I love using Facebook, but there have been a few times where I deactivated my account. As you said, the trolls are out there in the masses. Reading all the hateful comments actually gets really depressing sometimes. Knowing that all this hate and racism is alive and well, actually thriving now with Trump and all his antics. But I still do love social media and appreciate all I can do with it.

  2. Social media plays a huge role in my life. It has created an outlet for me to stay more in touch with my creative side. Such as sharing my photography and videos. It also helped me get connected with creative artists out there who I am now friends with. Social media, is a great way for communication and without it… I wouldn’t be able to share my vision with thousands of other people.

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